String Project Fall 2023

Start Date: September 11 (Monday)

South Georgia Strings

Here at South Georgia Strings, we like to nurture young musical spirits into artistic musicians. We offer beginner Explorer programs, Intermezzo for the intermediate, and Chambers for the advanced musicians.  Our students range from 5 to 45 years of age.

As a part of a university program, South Georgia Strings staff are made up of our Music Department student body.  The classes are run by the students with supervision from the Project Director, a staff professor at the univesity.  Our Student Teachers also offer private lessons to those who are interested in taking their abilities to the next level.

Ensemble Classes Offered

Group Lessons from Beginners to Orchestra

South Georgia Strings offers string music programs for students of all ages.


Beginning Students


Intermediate Students

Chambers & VSYO

Advanced Students

Private Lessons Offered

We have structured the learning experience into several tiers to enhance the music experience. Whether your child is interested in private lessons for violin, voila, cello, or bass, we have well qualified and trained instructors to help each child excel with his or her instrument.

Violin Private Lessons

The Violin is one of the most recognizable instrument in the Orchestra.  It usually is tasked with playing the major melodies of many pieces of music.  Because of that, it is often the most popular choice for beginning students.

We have over ten excellent instructors who offer violin private lessons to students who wish to master this instrument.

Viola Private Lessons

The is often the "unsung hero" of the Orchestra.  While it may often be mistaken as a violin, it carries a lower tone than the violin.  Still, most violist love it for its melancholy tone emanating from its alto range and deep resonating sound.

We are lucky to have a few Viola instructors who can draw out the talents of students who wish to pursue this instrument.  Yes, even a young enthusiast can enroll for viola private lessons.

Cello Private Lessons

Next to the violin, the Cello is the second most recognizable instrument in the Orchestra.  Its popularity has been steadily rising as more and more Cellists come into the limelight.  It is a more difficult instrument to master as a lot of the technique require shifting hand positions.  Many young musicians will like the instrument's deep tone. 

We have extremely talented Cellists who can take a beginner student and work him or her into a talented member of the Orchestra. Cello private lessons may be scheduled throughout the week with these instructors.

Bass Private Lessons

Also known as the Double Bass, the Bass is the largest of the stringed instruments.  It boasts the deepest tone and carries the tempo.  It creates the backdrops and accents the musical landscape, making the orchestral piece a beautiful piece of art.

We are grateful to have one Bass instructor who work with children in the Strings Program.  Bass Private lessons are held on an appointment basis.

South Georgia Strings


We hold regular performances and recitals to showcase our students' talents and musical progress.  We hope to engage the community and get people more involved either as a supporter or as a participant.


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